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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
sorry gor the long delay of posts..... havnt been cooking 'special' foods lately. wahahaha!!! for this, we were lazy... didnt feel like cooking anything, just wanted something quick and fast! rumaging thru our cupboard, we found a bag of noodles our fren gave us. time to put it for some experiments!

for the soup, we poured watever remains of our laksa paste, then add some real delicious prawn chillie thing..... then dump our remainding frozen ling bean, some chicken, and just to fill our stomach, egg! woohooo!!!! massive!

Lesson to learn:
pastes are helluva great invention!

Posted at 12:14 am by dude1
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Wednesday, March 21, 2007
Char Keuy Tiew
2day we take a break from cooking at home, and went to Julian's place for dinner! he invited us for his Char Kuey Tiew! hehe...... can open hawker stall in UK and earn money looor.....

Lesson to learn:
UK's chillie sauce tak berpower! (even those imported)

Posted at 01:47 am by dude1
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Tuesday, March 20, 2007
2day dude1 leaves cooking to dude2..... and we had something which dude1 tak tau cook..... porridge!!!! wahahaha.... with the leftover mushroom from sunday, and some pork, real nice juicy pork we just got a few days back! hehehe.......

Lesson to learn:
keep stirring...............

Posted at 01:28 am by dude1
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Monday, March 19, 2007
B'day celebration..... with 'flour'ish banquet.
its sunday, and its dude2's birthday! so the 3 bosses wanted to give him a surprise dinner, which failed cuz their technique didnt work! hahahahahaha!!! anyway, 1st off, our china housemate, Li also wanted to make some pao on the same day, so we had some fun with making pao 1st.

1st try, water pan-fry pao..... 'shui jien bao'


then we steam! red-bean pao..... yummy!

having fun with paos.... kekekekekek...... *prancing around like a girl

after pao, bosses arrive with more flour stuffs....... they made 'mee hun geh' / pan mee....

loh pan mee...... hahaha!!!

wormy jelly thingy..... made by an 'angel'........ hehe...... nolah, its actually chocolate pudding with sweet gummy candy string things. nontheless, it taste good! hahaha!!

cooooookies..... as u can see, the bosses 'heart' steve. hahaha!!! pls lar, he got gf lar, nanti she come give u all pain!!!

and for desert..... was suppose to make springrolls, but they were lazy. so bought ready made samosa to treat us. hehe.....

Lesson to learn:

Posted at 12:14 pm by dude1
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Saturday, March 17, 2007
Smooth Egg River....
yea!! guess wats that! hahaha!!! its our favourite dai chao dish, 'wat than hor'...... couldnt make it ying yong cuz there wasnt bihun to fry. well, more like lazy.... hahahaha!!!!

du expect too much from this, theres still missing some taste..... couldnt figure out wat the hell is missing!!!

Lesson to learn:
steep, not boil! idiot!!!

Posted at 09:03 pm by dude1
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Fried rice day #3
yes! its friday again! and our fried rice experiment 2day takes us to Thailand! we're trying out the pineapple fried rice! our fren julian experimented himself a few days back, just to find out some mistakes so we wont screw it up on friday. well, thanks to that.... we DIDNT!!!!

woohoo! we found small pineapples to make bowls out of them! LUCKY!!

Lesson to learn:
self pay machine rocks!

Posted at 12:07 am by dude1
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Sunday, March 11, 2007
Failure and success....
Ahh.... sunday...... is a good day for exploration and challenges!! so we went had a go at something planned long time ago, Loh Mai Gai... another of the delicious food we miss back home. as usual, we need massive servings again, couldnt make do with the usual small bowl size we get back home, so we 'super-sized' it. and again, we gave in to our hunger and patience, so we used the dreaded microwave to quicken the process..... hahaha!!! which we learnt some pretty good lessons from it again(opps), luckily we prepared 2 bowls.....

before..... doesnt look that diff from after tho.. hahahaha!!!

as u can see..... the 1st try(right) was a total failuuuuure.......

the 2nd try.... was pretty much wat we were looking fooor. hahahaha!!!

Lesson to learn:
Microwaves are EVIL machines!!!!

Posted at 11:05 pm by dude1
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yesterday, 2 dudes was too bloordy lazy to cook. gamed the whole day with Julian until dizzy and headache...... so we decided to order in a pizza...... we went for the most interesting thing we heard about UK's dominos, they had some pizza called 'Dominator'.

Lesson to learn:
we Dominated the Dominator!!!

Posted at 11:00 pm by dude1
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Saturday, March 10, 2007
Abominable Bananas!!
a picture tells a thousand words...... few picture tells a MILLION!





the ONLY better ones....

Lesson to learn:
100% FAILURE! rotten to the core! cacated orange shit! lembik shit-looking thingies!

Posted at 07:20 pm by dude1
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Laksa fried rice....
Friday has already became a fried rice day.... experimenting with various 'types' of fried rice... hahaha!!! this time, its laksa....

Lesson to learn:
Yeos paste RULEZZZZZZZZ!!!

Posted at 07:15 pm by dude1
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