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Monday, April 23, 2007
Random fried noodles...
2day, we tried frying lai fun. The lai fun we bought was really cheap, so was the quality. hahahahaha!!! it says in the direction, soak in boiling water to stir fry noodles..... but it was so cheap that even boiling it, there is still some really stubbord one that refuses to break free. wtf..... so we had to throw those away and fry with watever thats left, which still is ALOT!

ultimate randomness! 1st, we pour in some authentic minced prawn spice paste thing, which was really tasty..... then added some dark soy sauce for fun..... and then, still thinking to enhance it, we added another type of prawn chillie paste thing. We call it..... Rubbish Noodles!!

Lesson to learn:
cheap is CHEAP!!!!!!

Posted at 02:19 am by dude1


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