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Wednesday, May 16, 2007
the 1st proper lunch in UK.......
well, like i said, my cousin was so bored in our place, he just had to get his hand dirty cooking. hahaha!! Li was planning to fin off the leftovers from the steamboat, so she wipped something up as well.....

Ma Poh tofu.... with extra ingredients....

claypot chicken rice made easy..... haha!!

Posted at 11:41 pm by dude1
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Cina noodles...
ahhh.... after so many rubbish we've eaten, we thought its time to 'cleanse' abit. eat 'ching'. hehehe.......

steamed chicken gon lou mien.

Lesson to learn:
cina noodle OWNZZZZ speghetti!

Posted at 04:14 am by dude1
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Boss dinner.....
the day after steamboat, we went down to our 'bosses' dorm for dinner. she wipped us up a full dinner for 4 of us guys....... CHANGGIH..........

and while we were busy with getting our project done, my cousin Wen Da was so bored he decided to do some cooking to bring over too!

aaaaaah..... feels like home....... hmmmmm....

Lesson to learn:
boredom leads to cooking!

Posted at 04:08 am by dude1
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Steamboat plus b'day!
2 weeks ago was our housemate's birthday, which we didnt know until the day she was having the celebration. hohoho!!! we're bastards! anyway, she decided to have a steamboat party. we went down to bham a week earlier to get the FOODS we want. bought a grand total of 80 pounds! wooh! that officially makes the most expensive steamboat i've aver eaten in my life!

DUM DUM DUM!! and this was just the 1st round....

epitizer crackers!

ready, set................... go!


Lesson to learn:

Posted at 03:53 am by dude1
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Chicken Cordon Blue..... discounted!
running out of food, ideas and getting lazy to cook. Boss2 suggested we make chicken cordon blue, some chicken thing with bread crumbs....... well, we've got the ingredients.... lazy to make it exactly like it, we minus the bread crumbs, slit an opening on the fillet and stuff away with watever we wanted....

Lesson to learn:
bosses are good. hahaha!!!

Posted at 03:45 am by dude1
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Tuesday, May 15, 2007
Blog mania!!
It's been so looooooooooooooooong......... we finally fin our roject, and its time to update u all on our food adventures again. hahaha!!! we'll go by date....

1st up, prison food ###

we had no choice. nothing left but a few piece of chicken fillets, and we found our abandoned baked beans stowed away behind the cupboard. its time to kill it!

Lesson to learn:
ASDA baked beans......... BLUEEEEEK!

Posted at 03:34 am by dude1
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Monday, April 23, 2007
Random fried noodles...
2day, we tried frying lai fun. The lai fun we bought was really cheap, so was the quality. hahahahaha!!! it says in the direction, soak in boiling water to stir fry noodles..... but it was so cheap that even boiling it, there is still some really stubbord one that refuses to break free. wtf..... so we had to throw those away and fry with watever thats left, which still is ALOT!

ultimate randomness! 1st, we pour in some authentic minced prawn spice paste thing, which was really tasty..... then added some dark soy sauce for fun..... and then, still thinking to enhance it, we added another type of prawn chillie paste thing. We call it..... Rubbish Noodles!!

Lesson to learn:
cheap is CHEAP!!!!!!

Posted at 02:19 am by dude1
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Thursday, April 19, 2007
Hokkien Mee experiment...
on Monday, we finally managed to get all our ingredients ready for hokkien mee. which actually was pretty easy to cook, just that......... some part went real wrong! we only realised when we got to our fren's place, that he doesnt have serbuk pati ayam, but instead cubes.... so being stupid and hungry, we threw in a whole cube as stock for 3 plates of noodles, which was clearly way too much! hahaha!!!!!!

substitute the noodles with udon, cuz we cant find 'dai lok mee' here. hehehe.... it came out pretty well, just that the stock we put in, made it waaaaaaay too salty!

Lesson to learn:
pati ayam cubes are killers!!!

Posted at 12:23 am by dude1
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Manchester FOOODZ!
Easter holiday, we went to Manchester for a 3 day trip! for us guys, is for FOOD, as for the girls, thier shopping.........  1st day of our trip, we woke up damn early and left for Manchester without breakfast, so we head to a chinese restaurant for some REALLY GOOD dim sum!

sorry, we have no time to take pictures cuz we were just too hungry! those in this picture is not the full meal tho.... hahahah!!!

this is something we've never tasted in malaysia...... its blardy good! Zhar Nai Wong Pau....

then, later in the night..... we went back to the same restaurant again for dinner, cuz my cousin told me they have free lobster. FREE LOBSTER!!!!! no shit, serious!!

when u're hungry, everything is delicious!!! looking at this, it makes me even more HUNGRY, which makes it even more DELICIOUS!!! hahahaha!!!!

a 7 course dinner.... i can only dream of this in my bed, but now i'm having it in UK! woohooo... !!

best dish! fried honey bacon thingy..... heaven.....~~~~

and all those plus free lobster, is only 10 pounds fer person, divided by 8 of us. blooordy cheap!!!

sorry, but only have these pictures for now, hav yet to collect the pictures of the other foodz!

Lesson to learn:
Manchester is BLARDY CHEAP to makan!!!!!

Posted at 12:06 am by dude1
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Wednesday, April 04, 2007
House Dinner...
yesterday, our housemate suggested we do another house dinner.... she was cooking the dishes, but it was all veges! so she asked if we could whip up a meaty dish. hahaha! so, remembering that i just tried out a new recipie just last week, i decided to give it a go again.

i present u....kung poh chicken! hmm..... havnt had this for ages!

her chillie bamboo shoots, mixed vege with egg, and seeweed pickled vege soup...... wooooh! authentic china dishes man! never heard or seen it before back home!

Lesson to learn:
i guess i dun need to repeat myself again....

Posted at 12:32 am by dude1
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